Antennas and Towers


  • 90 foot Rohn 45 –  Tower #1
  • 105 foot Rohn 25 – Tower #2
  • three Rohn 30 foot slip-up masts


My final antennas are mostly under construction, waiting the Winter thaw.

Force 12 MAG620

Before the present 6-meter yagi above the MAG620, I previously used a M2 2M5WL 17-element 2-meter yagi above the monster

the Sun behind a climber on #1


Presently, I have the following in use:

Force 12 MAG620: 20-meter, 6-element yagi

Cushcraft R5 20-10 vertical on a field fence post

144 foot long sloper wire into an Icom AH-4 antenna tuner

M2 6M7: 6-meter, 7-element yagi

M2  222-5WL: 1.25-meter (222 MHz), 15 element yagi

M2  432-9WL: 70-cm,  28 element yagi

M2  23CM35EZ: 1.2-Gig, 35 element yagi

M2 2M5WL: 2-meter, 17-element yagi – no coax attached yet

Comet GP-9M: 2-meter & 70 cm FM vertical

VHF/UHF antennas in front of Tower #1


another view of Force 12 MAG620 and the 2 meter antenna